Landscaper’s Tree-Trimming Death a Complete Shock: Wife

The wife of the man killed in a tragic tree trimming accident said Wednesday her husband was a seasoned landscaper and had been doing it for years.

Laura Garcia said her husband, 37-year-old Jimmy Herrera, was a good father and a hard worker.

Herrera financially supported his wife and two daughters ages 5 and 8. On Tuesday, he picked up a side job trimming palm trees near 13th and Broadway in downtown San Diego, and was working with a friend who watched the accident happened, Garcia told NBC 7.

Herrera was trimming a palm tree when some of the fronds came down and hit him.

He was unresponsive and Garcia believes he died instantly.

Garcia said her husband's death during tree trimming was a complete shock to her considering he's been doing it for a number of years.

She and her two daughters are trying to get through the next few days with funeral arrangements, but Garcia said it's tough. She lost her job one month before the accident that killed her husband, and she's not sure how she will support herself and her daughters.

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