Deputies Taser Man Carrying Cinder Block in Lakeside

The odd encounter between deputies and the man carrying a cinder block happened on Woodside Avenue in Lakeside

A man accused of behaving aggressively while carrying a cinder block was tasered by deputies in Lakeside Tuesday morning in an odd encounter, officials said.

According to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSO), deputies were called at around 6:45 a.m. to a Jack in the Box located at 12155 Woodside Ave. after an uncooperative customer was escorted out of the fast food restaurant. After being removed from the business, the woman walked into the middle of the street.

A deputy walked the woman from the middle of the street to his patrol car. As he tried to handcuff the woman, she resisted, officials said, and a struggle ensued next to the deputy’s car.

Just then, an off-duty deputy drove by the scene and got out of his car to help the fellow deputy.

As the deputies tried to handcuff the woman, a man carrying a large cinder block approached the scene and told the deputies to let the woman go.

A deputy drew his service weapon and told the man to drop the block. After several seconds, the suspect dropped the cinder block but continued to be aggressive toward the deputies, the SDSO said.

The deputy drew his Taser and, as the man continued to ignore commands to get on the ground, the deputy deployed his Taser. 

The man and woman were both taken into custody. The man was booked into jail for assault with a deadly weapon, while the woman was admitted to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.

The sheriff’s department said no deputies were injured in the incident. It is unclear, at this point, if the man knew the woman or why he chose to approach deputies.

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