Lake Poway Flooded With Calls After Mayor's ‘Zip Line' April Fool's Prank

On April 1, Poway Mayor Steve Vaus posted a photo of a zip line on Facebook, telling locals the new “attraction” would be unveiled at Lake Poway; many people believed the joke

An April Fools’ Day joke posted on social media by the mayor of Poway claiming a zip line had been installed at a local lake really took some people for a ride.

On Monday morning, Poway Mayor Steve Vaus posted a photo of a zip line on his Facebook page and wrote: “Poway’s new zip line to be unveiled today.”

Vaus’ post linked out to a web page, where a fake press release awaited, detailing the city’s alleged new attraction.

“(The zip line) offers a thrilling mile-long ride from the rocky peaks on the south side of Lake Poway over the lake's dam,” the web page said. “Then with a sweeping right turn it plunges through the canopy of the majestic oaks of Blue Sky Preserve. Finally, in a feat of modern engineering that seems to defy gravity, you'll soar upward to finish on the Ramona dam.”

The fake press release also said rides on the zip line would be free for the first week of April as the city worked to “complete our safety tests.”

On Tuesday, Vaus posted again to his Facebook page to tell people the zip line post had been nothing more than an April Fools’ joke.

“I’m sorry – the zip line only exists in this picture,” Vaus wrote. “If you’re looking for an alternate adventure visit Potato Chip Rock – just watch out for the crack where it broke on 4/1/17!”

The last part of the mayor’s message referenced another landmark in Poway, another joke about that landmark’s condition, and another nod to April Fools’ Day.

On Wednesday, the City of Poway posted a message to its Facebook page also confirming the zip line did not exist and had been nothing more than a prank by the city’s “fun-loving” mayor, who loves himself a good April Fools’ Day joke.

The post said staffers at Lake Poway had been “fielding quite a number of calls and visits by adventure enthusiasts” looking to ride the zip line.

In fact, so many people wondered about the fake attraction that the City of Poway had to post a sign at Lake Poway telling people they had been pranked.

Those who follow Vaus on Facebook commented on his posts throughout the week, with many saying the prank had made them laugh. Others also said he should really consider adding a zip line to Lake Poway.

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