Lake Hodges to Close While Reservoir's 104-Year-Old Dam is Repaired

The City of San Diego is also studying how to replace the dam entirely

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Lake Hodges will close in the next two weeks to allow repairs to the reservoir’s 104-year-old dam.

Hodges Dam is one of four San Diego-owned dams listed in poor condition by the State of California. Kleis said repairs will be made to all four.

“It needs maintenance,” said Drew Kleis with the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department.

In the meantime, the repairs at Lake Hodges will mean the reservoir will be closed to boaters and fishing for roughly five months.

“It’s important to do this work now in the summertime when we don’t have rain,” explained Kleis.

Rain could change the level of the water and interrupt repairs. Kleis added the city will also have a biologist on staff to monitor and minimize any impact on wildlife around the lake.

He said boaters should use the closure as an opportunity to explore other reservoirs and lakes.

“Try that other lake that’s within an hour drive,” he smiled.

It would be good practice. The City of San Diego said Lake Hodges could eventually be closed for a much longer period of time when the city eventually replaces the 104-year-old dam altogether. Kleis said they’re studying exactly how to do that while they’re doing the repairs to the current dam.

“It is a large project to replace a dam and something that we are taking very seriously,” he said.

The City of San Diego said the repairs at Lake Hodges should be completed by October. The city does not yet have a timeline or price tag for replacing the existing dam.

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