La Mesa Wants to Prohibit Driveway Ads

Some La Mesa homeowners want to ban bundled and bagged advertisements they find left in their yards and driveways.

The city law director is researching an ordinance that would prohibit such advertising after the city council unanimously voted to prohibit it at their Aug. 12 meeting.

On Monday, one particular promotional flier for a landscaping company was left at several homes -- ironic to those who say this kind of advertising is actually ruining their lawns.

Complaining residents told NBC 7 they don't even open these bundles. Most of the time, they just throw them in the recycle bin.

One homeowner designated a trash can by the driveway for a more convenient disposal of the ads.

La Mesa Vice Mayor Ruth Sterling is leading the charge against such advertising.

She said it's an eye soar that is creating more garbage than commerce.

Homeowner Don Wood is concerned about taking an extended vacation because leftover mailers could show burglars he is not home.

“Not until after you pick up the first one or two and read what’s in them do you see they are just junk ads,” Wood said. You just stop looking at them. You just put them in the recycling bin.”

However, La Mesa could have a fight on its hands, should the fliers and ads fall under free speech.

NBC7 reached out to the landscaper that left the advertisement Monday and asked what we would need to do to stop him dropping these fliers in La Mesa yards and driveways. We were told only to leave a message or call back.

Since the law director is researching language to draft an ordinance, September is the earliest this issue could come to another vote.

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