Cave, Waterfalls Part of Approved Home Development Plan

The Youkin's home in La Mesa includes a cave, waterfalls and bridges

No one doubts the Younkin's home on Fletcher Drive in La Mesa is impressive, particularly the backyard. It includes a waterslide, two waterfalls, bridges, a cabana and a man-made cave.

Stevie and Doug Younkin call it their "dream home," but some neighbors fear it will become more of a party house.

Those neighbors showed up to Tuesday's city council meeting where the Planning Commission recommended the Younkins be allowed to continue the development, as long as they brought the home up to city code and got rid of a chicken coop and shack on the property.

"Right now, we just want to come up to code without ruining the whole essence of the property," said owner Stevie Younkin.

The Younkin's bought the home with all the renovations already in place. The previous owner was behind them, but failed to go through any of the city's permitting processes.

The Younkin's were aware of this, but loved the home so much they still purchased it two years ago.

"I don't know if I'm comfortable with any of it," said neighbor Theresa Pyle.

She and her children came to the meeting in a last-ditch effort to appeal the process.

"None of it is permitted. We've had to stop and go, 'I think it really needs to be looked at," said Pyle.

Her son stood before city council members saying people standing in the cabana can see into his bedroom window. He's concerned about the possible party atmosphere the home may bring to the neighborhood.

Stevie Younkin says she and her husband have spent tens of thousands of dollars to get the development up to code.

After some discussion, city council members decided to deny Pyle's appeal and grant the Younkin's a special permit.

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