L.A. Mayor in Escondido to Support Democrat Campa-Najjar in Tight Race for 50th District

One of the most closely watched congressional races in San Diego County, and the nation, is the 50th district, where Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar is trying to flip a district that has voted Republican for decades.

Campa-Najjar is blasting Rep. Duncan Hunter’s campaign, with the help of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. The pair campaigned together in Escondido Saturday.

Polls show Campa-Najjar is running neck and neck with Hunter. The Republican incumbent is not used to such close races.

“He’s indicted. He’s a security risk because of his indictment, because of his other unethical behavior,” Campa-Najjar said. “That’s why he was stripped of his Armed Services Committee so the truth is on our side.”

Hunter is accused of misusing campaign funds. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Late in the campaign, Hunter has come under fire for his attack ads that try to paint Campa-Najjar as a security threat because of his family background.

Garcetti is Jewish and a veteran. He fired back at Hunter’s attack against Campa-Najjar.

“They are racist. They are about everything we stand against. They’re about the politics of division,” Garcetti said.

Ammar-Campa has received several high-profile endorsements.

Republican Duncan Hunter has made few public appearances since his indictment. He is relying on volunteers and a loyal Republican base in the 50th district.

“I agree with him on almost all the issues, whether it be protecting our borders, whether it be fiscal responsibility, whether it be overall support for our President,” said Brian Melonakos, a Hunter supporter.

Melonakos believes Republicans in the 50th district are very motivated. Hunter still has a lot of support, despite his federal indictment.

“He deserves his hearing in court,” Melonakos said.

There are currently 139,636 registered Republicans in the 50th district according to the Registrar of Voters. That is much higher than the 94,699 registered Democrats.

A transfer of power will likely have a huge impact locally and in Washington, D.C.

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