La Jolla Millionaire's Billboard Damaged

Sign read "All I want for Christmas is a Latina girlfriend" with man's email address

A wealthy La Jolla man looking for love on a Barrio Logan billboard may be out of luck. His email address was peeled off the billboard just one day after it was plastered on.

La Jolla millionaire Marc Paskin, 62, purchased a billboard on the I-5 and 28th Street in Barrio Logan that states, “All I Want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend.”

Paskin, a real estate investor, was featured on an episode of “Secret Millionaire” last year when he spent a week living on less than $50 a day.

There’s a picture of Paskin’s face next to a photo of a wishlist, accompanied by his email address.

But the bottom half with Paskin's AOL email address of the billboard was ripped off Friday morning.

The workers at Union Electric who work below billboard say they got in this morning and saw half was missing. They think it could have been a kid wanting to vandalize.

Paskin has not returned NBC 7's requests for comment.

According to “Secret Millionaire”, Paskin has a heart of gold as he donated $125,000 to Detroit families in need in last year's episode.

He’s also given more than $1 million to the UC San Diego Shiley Eye Center, which helps patients regain their sight. Paskin lost his wife to diabetes and since then has felt compelled to help others in need, according to UCSD.

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