Thieves Target Homes in La Jolla, Steal Gifts

At least three home burglaries have been reported in La Jolla in the past month

A series of home burglaries recently struck La Jolla, with thieves stealing laptops, cell phones and even Christmas gifts from residents.

NBC 7 has confirmed at least three reported burglaries in the La Jolla area in December. Police have provided the locations of two of the crimes: one in the 600 block of Westbourne Street and the other just a few blocks away, in the 300 block of Prospect Street.

The burglary on Westbourne Street happened on Dec. 23. Police say thieves stole all of the gifts from underneath the family’s Christmas tree. In that incident, investigators say it appears the front door of the home was left open.

Meanwhile, unknown burglars struck on Prospect Street on Dec. 31, at the home of Richard Schneider and Sheryl Falk. Again, the door was left open.

“We woke up this morning and the doors were wide open,” Schneider told NBC 7. “What I think happened, is they jimmied the door.”

Schneider said the thieves made off with a laptop, cell phones and Falk’s purse, which had all of her credit and bank cards in it, and other important personal items.

“I can’t even drive a car,” Falk said. “I don’t even have a driver’s license. It’s disheartening. It really is.”

Although Schneider and Falk didn’t let the home break-in ruin their New Year’s Eve, the incident is making them think about some possible security changes to their home.

“We’ll probably get a Doberman Pinscher or some kind of dog that’ll sit right by the door,” Falk told NBC 7.

At this point, San Diego police do not have descriptions of the home burglary suspects. Anyone who believes they may have fallen prey to this series of crimes should contact investigators.

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