La Jolla Task Force Fights for Change

Tired of drugs, drinking and partying their neighborhood, a group of La Jolla residents have banded together to create a task force aimed at putting an end to those activities and making a difference.

In just five months, members of the task force say they’re already seeing changes in their community, including at Marine Street Beach, a quality spot that’s tucked away, but enjoyed by many.

Though residents say the atmosphere at Marine Street Beach had deteriorated, things there are different now, according to the president of the Barber Track Association of Homeowners task force, David Tacott.

Over the last five months, the group presented its case to the Parks and Beaches Department, La Jolla Town Council and San Diego City Council President Sherri Lightner.

“It’s a work in progress, of course, but overall [we are seeing] the progress that we made [and] the action we created,” said Tacott.

Tacott said the group’s efforts have led to more trash cans at the beach, a lifeguard tower that’s staffed full-time and regular commissioned police officer patrols on the beach.

Beach goers notice the difference, too.

“I would say it is a more intimidating thing because if there are police, no one want to drink or anything,” said visitor Connor O’Neill.

By most accounts the changes have transformed Marine Street Beach from a place to fear at sunset to family-friendly.

“I think everyone is going to have a safer and more sanitary Fourth of July,” said Tacott.

The beach starts where Marine Street dead ends. The only way to access it is via a set of stairs. Before the task force sought change, walking the beach was not part of anyone’s police beat. A new police quad patrol is making the biggest difference there now.

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