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Korean Dessert Shop Brings Taste of 2018 Olympic Winter Games to San Diego

The exotic flavors of a creamy Korean treat known as "Ah-Boong," available at Somi Somi San Diego on Convoy Street, are a big hit with San Diego residents

Ah-Boong! It's fun to say and fun to eat.

It's a sweet, tart or savory Korean dessert that is bringing a taste of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games from Pyeongchang to San Diego.

You can compare it to our soft serve ice cream with an exotic flare; flavors include matcha, black sesame or ube, also known as purple yam.

NBC 7 found the treat in San Diego's Convoy District, at a new Korean dessert shop called Somi Somi.

Marianne Kushi

Ah-Boong comes in a crispy pastry cone made from a special-recipe batter that's poured into a mold that's shaped like a fish. Patrons can also add a filling to the cute cone: a scoop of custard, Nutella or red bean. To finish the masterpiece, toppings can be added such as Fruity Pebbles cereal or Oreo or graham cracker dust.

Somi Somi owner Sean Kim told NBC 7 the Ah-Boong -- with its colors, textures and overall beauty -- begs to be photographed. Before patrons dive into their fish-shaped treats at the San Diego shop, they typically snap a photo of it and post that photo to Instagram.

NBC 7's Greg Bledsoe and Marianne Kushi got a chance to watch the Somi Somi team in action as they made Ah-Boongs, from start to finish. They also got to taste the treat. Watch them try the Korean dessert in the video above.

Marianne Kushi

Somi Somi is located at 4620 Convoy St. It's open daily, from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday.
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