Trampoline Warranty Voided Due to Bad Weather

A representative told the Grady family San Diego’s winter rains voided the warranty but the fine print of the warranty didn’t say anything about rain, only hurricanes and other extreme forms of weather.

An Eastlake family contacted NBC 7 Responds after they said a company voided the warranty on their trampoline, citing bad weather in San Diego as one of the reasons behind the decision. 

Carol Grady has three active boys but one of them faces a challenge. 

“There are three things our autistic child loves: trampoline, sand and water,” Carol Grady said. “It brings him a world of happiness.” 

Not only does he love it but she says it’s one of the few things that helps him socialize and exercise each day. 

Carol said she was concerned though when she discovered a hole in the safety netting that surrounded the trampoline. The Gradys had purchased the trampoline from Kmart and were offered a two-year warranty plan at the checkout stand. When Carol called after finding the hole, she says things didn’t go smoothly. 

“They initially told me it wasn’t covered due to the weather,” Carol said. Carol said the representative told her San Diego’s winter rains voided the warranty but the fine print of the warranty didn’t say anything about rain. 

“They list tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds, if it had been struck by lightening or had rolled over,” Carol explains. 

But, Eastlake and San Diego County, rarely experience this type of weather. So, after three months of trying to get the warranty honored, Carol decided to call NBC 7 Responds. 

About a week after NBC 7 Responds reached out to Kmart, a representative with the store said instead of replacing the net they would send the Grady’s a gift card to buy a brand new trampoline and net. 

Kmart also refunded the Grady’s’ money for the first trampoline including taxes and the warranty. 

In a statement, a representative from Kmart said, "After learning of this concern, the member services team worked quickly to research the warranty in question. The team has since spoken to the member and resolved the concern to her satisfaction by issuing a full comparable replacement of the trampoline. We value our members' and customers' experiences above all else and are happy to have this matter resolved." 

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