Klein Remembered

Herb Klein passed away at his La Jolla home on Thursday

Friends and family gathered Tuesday to remember the remarkable life of Herb Klein.

Hundreds attended the memorial on the Midway Museum for the journalist and community leader who died at his La Jolla home July 2.

Former San Diego mayor, California governor and U.S. Senator Pete Wilson reminisced about his close friend who brought him the some extremely valuable news at one point in his career.

"It was Herb who guided me to my first job in San Diego, Herb who took great pleasure some years later breaking the good news to me and, as it happened, my parents that I had just won the republican primary for the 76th Assembly district," Wilson told the crowd of mourners.

He also described Klein as "cool before cool was cool."

He was an icon at the Union-Tribune and moved up the ranks to Editor-in-Chief of Copley newspapers. Klein, who spent time at the White House as President Richard Nixon's communicationsd director before stepping down in 1973, 13 months before Nixon resigned.

A football fanatic, Klein also helped bring the Super Bowl to San Diego. He was 91.

The Union-Tribune published a gallery of moments from Klein's career. The voiceofsandiego.org wrote of Klein's time in the Nixon White House and includes a link to an audio interview with Klein about his Washington, D.C. experiences. 

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