Kicking and Screaming: Virtual Martial Arts Class Provides Outlet for At-Home Kids

Poway martial arts instructors take lessons on-line

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You’re home. Your spouse is home. Your dog is barking. And, your kids are likely crawling up the walls and driving you nuts.

If this isn’t a “Calgon, take me away moment, I don’t know what is.

Thankfully, schools are preparing to give your children some school work in on-line classes. However, that won’t settle the pent-up energy that is likely rising in your child’s body.

Calgon, send the kids to martial arts class!

“Oh, I miss them a lot. It feels really strange not being able to see them every day,” said Taekwondo instructor Stacey Nguyen inside an empty Impact Martial Arts in Poway.

Nguyen and her uncle Jordan Nguyen have more than 200 students who usually punch, kick, and spin their way to exhaustion in class.

Coronavirus took that away!

Well, what COVID-19 took away, Stacey and Jordan are giving back with their new on-line martial arts classes.

“What I get out, is being more creative with my teaching and curriculum,” said Stacey. “I also get to work out more.”

The two have been hosting live classes with their students using the Zoom app.

“At first it was a bit difficult but now we’re coming up with different and creative ways to do it and it’s become a lot of fun,” said Stacey.

It’s an outlet for kids who might be bouncing off the walls.

“Yes, they are,” said Isgard Powell via Zoom while flanked by her two children. “If they play with themselves, they get into fights.”

“It’s a great way to get their energy out and also keep active, as well as keep a normal life,” said Stacey, a third-degree black belt.

“Well, I need to keep training because if I stop training, I just lose a bunch of progress,” said Powell’s son, Kai.

His sister agreed.

“I think it’s better that we can do something else besides homework,” said Hannah Powell.

“We always tell our students you have to take care of your mind just as much as you take care of your body,” concluded Stacey.

Calgon took it away.

Besides their online classes, Stacey and Jordan also produced several free videos and shared them with the City of Poway.

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