Kevin Faulconer to Run for San Diego Mayor

NBC 7 has confirmed San Diego City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer will announce Wednesday his run for mayor.

At least 15 people have submitted documents with the San Diego City Clerk's Office signalling an intention to run for the seat vacated by former mayor Bob Filner on Aug. 30.

In the meantime, San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria is acting as interim mayor until the special election is held on Nov. 19.

Faulconer was expected to make a public statement Wednesday regarding his decision on whether to enter the race.

At 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Faulconer – accompanied by his wife and two young children -- delivered a speech at Harbor Island Park in which he declared his candidacy for mayor.

“I firmly believe San Diego’s best days are ahead, because we’ve turned our city around before,” said Faulconer.

The rest of Faulconer’s announcement, in part, unfolded as follows:

“I was first elected to the City Council seven years ago following a mayoral resignation that left San Diego reeling. I’ve worked every day since then to repair the city’s finances and credibility.

But in a matter of months, Bob Filner halted our progress, and in many cases reversed it. Yet, as our mayor was at his worst, San Diegans showed their best. From launching a historic recall effort, to rallying to demonstrate our community's values, San Diegans united and – together – we took our city back.

I stand with my fellow San Diegans, and I’m ready to do my part to make sure San Diego’s next chapter is its best yet. Together, we will restore integrity to City Hall. Together, we will put an end to the dysfunction and get the city working again for the taxpayers of San Diego.

Returning trust to the Mayor’s office is the greatest challenge facing our community.

I have experience bringing people together, and that's what I'll do as your Mayor. I will get our city back on track – and move it forward. This latest crisis has taught us that leadership and principles matter.

Putting San Diego first is the principle I believe in. That principle will guide my administration. Working together, we will heal our city once again. We will rebuild and restore San Diego.”

For Faulconer’s candidacy announcement in its entirety, click here.

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