Kensington Spa Hit for $30K in Products and Equipment, Owner Says

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Thieves ransacked a Kensington spa over a weekend and took thousands of dollars' worth of high-end products, but thanks to loyal clients the business is slowly getting back on its feet.

The owner of Zen Sanctuary, David Warder, never thought he’d have to beef up his security measures until someone got away with $30,000 worth of face creams, facial machines and other products that have street market value. His business is built on trust between and co-workers and clients.

“You know they’re happy to get here and they’re even happier when they leave because they get to see us and it’s normally such a sweet environment,” said Warder.

Wednesday, the staff was busy re-stocking what they could, but one of the main lobby-front shelving displays remained empty. Warder told NBC 7 the shelves were filled with facial products ranging in price from $20 to $50 per bottle.

Warder and San Diego Police Department detectives are trying to figure out how someone got into the spa early Monday morning and emptied drawers and rooms full of products, machines, jewelry for sale and even towels. None of the equipment was vandalized, Warder told NBC 7. Money was not kept in a register or safe at the spa.

“They’re valuable and there’s a market for them," said Warder. “I just don’t get how somebody could take from a small business because it’s like they’re taking directly from us.”

“It’s not like we are gonna move out of town. It’s not like we’re gonna close up shop. We are gonna have to move forward from here,” added Warder.

SDPD is investigating this case as a burglary to a business.

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