Kensington Residents on Alert After Coyote Tries to Attack Area Dog

Residents of Kensington are on alert after another coyote was spotted in the area.

The most recent warning comes after a man says a coyote tried to attack his dogs early Wednesday morning.

The dog owner posted details of the attack on the Nextdoor app for Kensington, a private social network for neighborhoods. This is the second attack in just three weeks.

“I hear they’ve been around, but never this vicious since my neighbor said his dog was attacked,” said Kensington resident Mary Benchabane.

Since hearing about the attacks, she isn’t leaving her house alone.

“I just have my yard stick ready and I’ve got a flashlight and I’m going to take my chances,” Benchabane said.

Early Wednesday morning, the man says as he opened his front door to take his two dogs out. A coyote, the size of a German Shepard, rushed in. Thankfully, he was able to pull the dogs away.

“You have to be alert. Watch your surroundings and environment,” said Kensington resident Lori Lucus. She isn’t afraid to take her dog Smuckers and his friend Vince for a walk. Lucus says she hasn’t had any run-ins with a coyote, but knows they are out there.

“You hear them. You hear them when they get something. They’re traveling in packs,” Lucus said. “I actually have never seen one out on the street and I’ve lived in Kensington since 2001.”

California Department of Fish and Wildlife set traps a couple of weeks ago to catch a coyote who attacked a jogger in Kensington. Those traps were unsuccessful.

Now, Animal Control is asking everyone to be on alert. Most dog owners say the coyote isn’t getting away without a fight.

“It’s not taking my dog,” said Lucus.

Animal Control says coyote attacks are not on the rise. Right now, it is pupping season for coyotes. They say stay on sidewalks or paths away from canyons and if confronted, The best thing to do if you come face-to-face with a coyote is wave your arms and yell to scare the coyote away.

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