Kelly Elementary Reopens After Shooting

The community rallies around the staff and students after a shooting on campus.

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Cynthia Faram
PTA volunteers, staff and teachers prepare the campus of Kelly Elementary for the return of students three days after a shooting on the school's playground.
The school reopened for students, like this one hanging green ribbons.
The theme was one of celebration that more students weren't harmed when a man ran on campus firing a gun during recess.
The man accused of the Kelly Elementary School shooting was caught on tape at Scripps La Jolla.
Carlsbad Police named the suspected shooter as Brendan L. O'Rourke, 41, in a press release. It said when the police arrived, O'Rourke was detained by the three civilian witnesses who intervened by chasing the suspect and removing the weapon from him.
One of two girls shot Friday was taken to Children's Hospital by air ambulance. The two second graders received non-life threatening injuries.
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Dozens of emergency vehicles were on the scene by 1 p.m. Friday. The shooting was reported just after noon when children were playing on the playground during recess.
“I heard the shot and then I am like ‘Phoebe, come on, this is not ok’, and so I started running” Student Shaylyn Foley said crying. “I am feeling very nervous because I want to know where my friend is and she didn't come out yet.”
Witness Terry Lin said that he saw the gunman shooting toward a field with children in it. He said he saw what was happening and screamed, "No! No!" at the gunman, then jumped in his van and raced down to the school to help, but when he had pulled up, Chandler and the construction workers already had the suspect in custody. Lin said that he, too, saw ammunition come out of the man's pockets during a search.
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The suspect gave officers three names, including a woman's name, which police said raises obvious questions about the man's mental state.
U.S. Marshals Service
Law enforcement located a propane tank after the shooting and brought in the sheriff's department bomb squad, who deployed a robot to examine the tank at about 1 p.m.
The tank is leaning on a silver four-door American-made sedan -- possibly a Crown Victoria.
It was blocked off by a black pickup truck and a police patrol car.
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The gunman had a box of bullets in his pants that police recovered and had brought a 5-gallon gas can with him as well, according to police.
Parents greeted their children outside the school on the afternoon of the shooting.
An aerial view of Kelly Elementary on the day of the shooting.
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