Keep This in Mind to Avoid Hydroplaning When Driving in Wet Weather

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Wet weather has arrived in San Diego County and as locals hit the road during stormy weather, here are some things to keep in mind while behind the wheel.

It’s important to be alert and in complete control of your vehicle when driving in the rain. For that reason, motorists are advised to avoid using cruise control or self-driving features during wet weather.

In order to minimize the risk of hydroplaning, drivers should give themselves extra time to get to their destinations and travel at a slower speed. They should also try not to hit the brakes too hard and give a generous amount of space in between vehicles.

Friday's storm is causing wet roadways across San Diego County. NBC 7's Ashley Matthews shares tips on how to drive safely in the rain. She also explains what hydroplaning is and how drivers can avoid those dangers.

Tire conditions are also an important factor to consider when it comes to driving in inclement weather, so be sure to check the air pressure and grip of your tires before you hit the road.

Emergencies happen in the blink of an eye and if anyone finds their vehicle sliding or hydroplaning, it’s important for them to focus on regaining control. This is when it’s most important to avoid slamming on the brakes since it will make it more difficult to gain control. Instead, AAA says motorists are urged to stay calm, continue looking at the road and to steer in the direction they want the front of their vehicle to travel.

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