Kearny Mesa

Kearny Mesa Church Holds Services in Defiance of Public Health Orders

The San Diego County Health Department is looking into a church service held hours after its latest order went into effect; so far, no action has been taken

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The county health department is "looking at its options" after a Kearny Mesa Church appeared to violate public health orders banning indoor services.

The Awaken Church on Balboa Avenue held a service Wednesday night, just hours after a public health order went into effect. The service was live-streamed on the church’s Facebook page and showed a band with at least seven members performing onstage. Dozens of people were in attendance, and none appeared to be wearing masks or social-distancing.

During the service, a pastor made several references to the COVID pandemic behind the public health order.

“There’s a demonic agenda trying to rip apart our country, trying to tear apart the church, trying to keep us silent," the unidentified pastor said. "But it’s the spirit, and that’s what we're going after.”

The Awaken Church sent a short email to saying it would have a statement on the church’s stance. That statement has not yet been received.

This is the second church to appear to violate public health orders after posting video on social media. Hilltop Tabernacle was never cited, although Chula Vista police visited the church several times to talk with the pastor.

The county health department identified three positive COVID cases connected to Hilltop, declaring an outbreak at the time.

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