Would-Be Burglars Strike Twice in Same Strip Mall

San Diego police searched for suspects in two attempted burglaries right around the corner from each other in Kearny Mesa early Thursday.

Officers were called to the corner of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and Ruffin Road around 4 a.m. to investigate damage done to two storefronts.

The Subway manager Julio Perez got a phone call from an employee who noticed the break-in when he arrived to work.

Perez said it is store policy to make sure the safe door and cash drawers are left open so any would-be burglars will see there is no money available.

He said the thief, wearing a hoodie and red gloves, was in the store for a matter of seconds.

“He looked under and nothing, he didn’t see anything and he just flew,” Perez said.

Just across the parking lot, the glass of the front door at Giovanni’s restaurant was shattered. The owner told NBC 7 the burglary suspects appeared to fumble around and break some items.

According to police, nothing was taken from either place.

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