Kayakers Capture Red Tide on Video

Tim King

North County residents are getting the chance to see red tide along the coast this week.

Kayakers sent a video showing the "blue-green bioluminescence of red tide captured around 2 a.m. Wednesday. The video posted by Tim King and Ryan Lum was shot in Mission Bay.

It's caused by organisms called dinoflagellate made up mostly of plankton which bloom by the billions and stain the surf red.

Officials from Scripps Institution of Oceanography says the phenomenon usually occurs in late summer or early fall.

Red tides are composed primarily of one species of dinoflagellate which has been rapidly growing.

They say the tide could last for several more weeks, though no one knows exactly how long it will continue.

Kayaking in Bioluminescent Mission Bay San Diego from tim king on Vimeo.

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