San Diego Padres Fan, 3, Can Name Every Player on Roster

Oh, my: San Marcos resident Kameron Brummer, 3, can recognize each player on the San Diego Padres by name and uniform – even former Friars

A 3-year-old baseball fanatic from San Marcos may have found his calling as a sports announcer: the toddler can name each player on the San Diego Padres roster, with major zeal, to boot.

Kameron Brummer’s impressive knowledge of the current Padres roster was captured on video by his mom, Sonja Brummer, at a July 1 game at Petco Park when the Padres took on the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Sonja posted the video online and told NBC 7 that, while Kameron doesn’t know the names of dinosaurs or U.S. presidents yet, he sure knows his baseball players.

In the 2-minute-long YouTube video, Sonja can be heard asking Kameron – clad in a mini Padres jersey and hat – to name the athletes.

In his best announcer voice, the boy names several of the players – even those with tough-to-pronounce last names like outfielders Matt Szczur (No. 23) and Travis Jankowski (No. 16).

“Who’s No. 10?” Sonja asks her son.

“Hunter! Reh-fen-rrroh!” Kameron says with glee, referring to the outfielder.

He goes on to name pitcher Clayton Richard (No. 3) as well as Ryan Schimpf, Allen Cordoba (No. 17) and Manuel Margot (No. 7).

“Who’s No. 4?” his mom asks.

“No. 4 – Wil Myers!” the toddler shouts.

Sonja told NBC 7 that, while Kameron loves every single Padres player, Myers might be his favorite.

About a minute into Kameron’s roster announcements, he gets stumped – but only for a second.

When his mom asks him who No. 8 is on the Padres, the tot says Justin Upton – a former Padre who is now No. 8 for the Detroit Tigers.

“He doesn’t play for the Padres,” Sonja reminds Kameron.

“Justin Upton is…Justin Upton,” the toddler reasons.

“But, he doesn’t play for the Padres,” Sonja tells him.

Kameron takes a second, thinks about it, and moves on, not skipping a beat.

“No. 8,” he corrects himself. “Erick Aybar!”

What a comeback.

Kyson Brummer, 5, and Kameron Brummer, 3, are huge fans of the San Diego Padres.

Sonja told NBC 7 her family is Padres season ticket-holders, so she and her husband take Kameron and his brother, Kyson, 5, to home games frequently.

When they’re not watching the games live at Petco Park, the boys watch them on TV and play baseball at home. A couple of bulbs missing from the chandelier at their house are proof of this.

Sonja said Kameron likes to “get into character” and pretend to be each player. His favorite to depict is, of course, Myers.

“This is all self-taught. The boys recognize each player by uniform, name, and face,” Sonja said. “They even know their positions.”

When the family goes to a ballgame at Petco Park, Kameron is always ready to announce the roster from his seat. He announces the list at home, too.

“It’s nonstop,” Sonja said with a laugh. “At every game; in the bathroom; in the shower – everywhere.”

Sonja said that, while Kameron is great with names, Kyson brings his A-game when it comes to statistics.

“If he has to go to bed before a Padres game is over on TV, he asks me all about all of the stats the next morning. What’s the score? Who did what? I have to know all of it,” she added.

Sonja said baseball brings her family together. For her boys, baseball is life.

“I can’t imagine baseball not being in their lives,” she said.

And when the daily grind gets hectic, those nine sweet innings at Petco Park just seem to slow everything down.

“Nothing else matters when we’re at the game,” she added.

So, is Kameron the next Jerry Coleman or Dick Enberg?

“Maybe,” Sonja said. "Although, he would tell you he wants to be Wil Myers first and the Padres announcer later." 

Oh, doctor. He’s going to need to coin a catchphrase.

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