K Sandwiches Owners Survey Rubble, Vow to Rebuild

The business burned down in August, and the owners revisited the site on Thanksgiving

For the first time in a decade, K Sandwiches -- a staple of the Linda Vista community -- won’t be selling its popular French loaves for Thanksgiving dinner.

The business burned down in August, and the site that once held the Vietnamese sandwich shop is still covered in rubble nearly four months later.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Tran family, who owned the eatery, walked through the ruins and looked back on Aug. 4.

“It’s sad. We put so much hard work,” said Jennifer Tran. “We work every day, sometimes for 10 hours.”

That night, a fire started in the back corner of the shop when an oven malfunctioned. Everyone was able to get out, but the building was a complete loss. The Trans were forced to shut it down.

Just recently, the family received the proper permits to begin cleanup. They plan to rebuild and be open for business sometime next summer or fall.

Still, they couldn’t help looking back on past years and wishing they were in the same situation.

“Last year we would have people lined up from here to the outside of the door just waiting for our bread, and this year after the fire….” Man Tran said, trailing off.

Despite the sad sight before them, the Trans remained positive this Thanksgiving.

“I’m still thankful for my community and all the people around here who supported us,” said Mike Tran.

Jennifer said when they rebuild, they’ll be better than before.

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