Dogs Invaluable in War: Trainer

The seal team that took out Osama Bin Laden also brought along a dog during the mission, according to a New York Times article.

But it wasn't an ordinary house pet; it was a highly trained K-9, possibly a German Shepherd or Belgium Malinois.

"Because of their intelligence, their willingness to work, the alertness, their speed, it's exactly why they're a perfect fit for the military," said Graham Bloem.

Bloem is a professional dog trainer at Snug Pet Resort in Sorrento Valley who works with military dogs and trains police dogs. He is not surprised a military dog was used during the Bin Laden raid.

"If you look online, you'll see pictures of dogs strapped to the front or back with a parachute attached to the soldier, going right down and right into combat," Bloem said.

Military leaders aren't saying exactly what the dog was used for in the Bin Laden mission, but Bloem believes it searched for enemies and explosives.

"These dogs will detect a person long before anyone else will," Bloem said.  "They'll find a bomb, or improvised explosive device long before a machine will, so the value is unreal."

 According to the New York Times, the Navy Seals have also purchased vests for their dogs that are equipped with infrared cameras.  The Seals can then see everything the dog sees on a three-inch monitor up to 1,000 yards away. 

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