Jury Believes Slaying Was Self-Defense

An East County man who shot and killed a man he thought was stealing copper was acquitted of multiple charges, including manslaughter.

Joseph "Bob" Orlosky, 57, was found not guilty in the slaying of Charles Crow, 23. Also shot in the incident was Hector Monget, 29.

During the trial, Orlosky told the court he shot at a Jeep the men were riding in after he believed he heard was a gunshot.

Crow's emotional mother was removed from the courtroom after the verdict was written. 

"His life was worthless ... priceless," Terri Crow shouted. "Kill me [expletive]. Somebody shoot me. Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me. Do me a favor."

It was the second trial for Orlosky in the case. He was acquitted of murder at that trial and retried on lesser charges.

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