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June 27 is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day: Resources to Help

June 27 is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day (PTSD), an important day to shed some light on something that affects so many, especially our military

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When we think of post-traumatic stress, we generally think of our U.S. military service members and veterans, but this can really affect anyone who has suffered a traumatic experience.

June 27 marks a day to talk about different PTSD services that are available out there and make people aware of what PTSD exactly is.

PTSD is defined as a group of symptoms that can develop as a result of an actual or life-threatening experience like threatened death, serious bodily harm, or assault. It can also include things like natural disasters, combat, or even robberies or sexual assault.

Generally, when we think of PTSD, we think of the brave men and women who fight for our country.

In the military community, more than 76,000 service members have experienced post-traumatic stress.

NBC 7 spoke with a veteran and Certified Brain Injury Specialist to get a better idea of post-traumatic stress, and what someone should do if they're suffering.

“If you’re a veteran, visit the VA. If you’re a person that’s not sure what to do, just talk to someone. Don’t sit around thinking and hoping that you’re naturally going to get better, find someone to speak to and hopefully make your way to a medical professional,” explained Clint Pearman.

Pearman is also involved with Wounded Warrior Homes, a nonprofit in San Diego County that has services available to help with post-traumatic stress. For more information on Wounded Warriors, click here.

VA San Diego Healthcare System information can be found here.

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