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Judge Grants Sexually Violent Predator's Release to Address in Jacumba Hot Springs

A public forum regarding the proposed location will be held on Friday

Another sexually violent predator will soon call Jacumba Hot Springs home.

The area has been notorious for housing registered sex offenders and sexually violent predators, and another is on his way after a judge's ruling Friday.

Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Herman Joseph Smith, 71, was granted conditional release and will move into at 42920 Desert Rose Ranch Road Jacumba Hot Springs before June 4.

Smith has two prior rape convictions and also served time in prison for molesting a child under 14 in the 90s.

Several people who live in Jacumba say they're concerned about safety, as well as the impact a sexually violent predator living nearby will have on their property values.

He’s not the only sexually violent predator who's been set up in the same house on Desert Rose Ranch Road.

Neighbors told NBC 7 in March that Mikel Marshall, convicted of lewd acts with a child under 14 had recently moved out of the same home, but not before scaring away some of his the neighbors.

“A family that lived on the other side of the hill that had kids and I think they moved and I think it may have been partly because of him,” said next-door neighbor Tim Cook. He added, “I understand people’s concerns, I don’t really like it. Around here we seemed to be treated as, you know, they’re out there, they’re crazy people who live out in the mountains.”

The schools closest to the proposed address include Clover Flat Elementary School and Jacumba Elementary School.

Smith's placement comes just a few weeks after SVP Michael Joseph Martinez, 65, was placed at a location in nearby Boulevard.

Martinez joined six other registered sex offenders in town -- a town with just roughly 300 people.

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