Judge Backs SD Cat Owner in Dog Mauling Case

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A judge has ruled in favor of a San Diego woman who was sued by a cat rescue group after her cat was mauled to death by an errant dog.

The rescue group, The Rescue House, sued Margaret McLean for $1,000 because the group claimed McLean violated terms of the adoption contract.

The Rescue House wanted the cat to remain indoors, which they said was laid out in the contract.

But McLean started letting her cat outside and a dog across the street escaped its leash and attacked and killed the cat, Malik.

On Monday, McLean said she was pleased about the judge’s decision, saying the lawsuit had been “punitive.”

“I feel vindicated. The judge recognized that the Rescue House’s contract was punitive,” she said. “I wish that instead of suing me they would’ve reached out and supported me or expressed their sympathy for my loss, rather than attack my judgment as a pet owner.”

The rescue group’s founder, Joan Star, said she was “shocked” by the judge’s decision. She saw the matter as simply a breach in a contractual agreement.

“It’s very sad when animals aren’t protected and the people aren’t held accountable for the promises they have made,” Star said. “The terms of condition were violated.”

In the signed ruling, the judge did not give reasoning for the decision.

The Rescue House is unable to appeal this decision.

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