Man Sentenced to Prison for Deadly Hit and Run

Jin Hyuk Byun, 20, struck and killed bicyclist Angel Bojorquez, 18, in Rancho Santa Fe last July

A 20-year-old Del Mar resident was sentenced to two years in prison Wednesday for his involvement in a fatal hit and run collision that killed an 18-year-old bicyclist.

Last July, CHP officers arrested Jin Hyuk Byun on charges of felony hit and run after he allegedly struck bicyclist Angel Bojorquez, 18, with his Chevy Avalanche in Rancho Santa Fe.

CHP officials said Bojorquez worked at an Albertsons grocery store in Del Mar and was riding his bike home to Escondido from work sometime after midnight.

Investigators said the cyclist was hit from behind on the corner of Paseo Delicias and Via
de la Valle Road
and ejected from his bicycle onto the side of the street.

Bojorquez was four miles into his ride home when he was struck and killed. Byun fled the scene.

Investigators said Bojorquez died upon impact. The teen's body was discovered on Villa de la Valle at around 2 a.m. by a private security guard patrolling the area.

Officials immediately began searching for the hit and run driver responsible for Bojorquez’s death and were tipped off by a neighbor who saw damage to Byun's black 2008 Chevy Avalanche.

At first Byun was uncooperative with officers. After investigators served a warrant and found the damaged car, Buyn confessed to being involved in the deadly hit and run collision. He was arrested and has been in custody for the past seven months.

From the beginning, authorities said Bojorquez was wearing reflective gear while riding his bike and should’ve been seen by Byun.

Bojorquez’s family said that was the first time the teen had ever attempted the 20-mile bike trek on the back roads from Del Mar to his home Escondido. The teen normally drove to work with his brother, but the brothers had conflicting work schedules that night, Bojorquez’s family told NBC 7 last July following the collision.

During his time in custody, Byun's attorney said his client has been remorseful.

On Wednesday, the families of both Byun and Bojorquez appeared in court for Byun’s emotional sentencing.

With the help of a translator, Byun’s father, Moon Joo Byun addressed the courtroom.

“As a father, I come here with great shame and guilt. I know it is unscrupulous for me to ask, but please forgive my son,” said Moon Joo.

Bojorquez’s cousin, Yuridia Bojorquez, also spoke in court, directly to Byun.

“I want him to know that I’ll never forget what he has done, but maybe one day, I might forgive,” she said.

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