Jimmie Johnson Brother-in-Law's Skydiving Death Ruled Accidental

The skydiving death of a San Diego man and brother-in-law of NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson has been ruled accidental. 

Jordan Janway, 27 -- the brother of Jimmie’s wife, Chandra -- died March 30 when his parachute failed to deploy at a small gliderport in the Jamul area of San Diego.

Janway was not working when he decided to go on a "fun jump" with two friends. They had planned to work on a technique called a tracking dive.

It's not known why Janway collided with one of his friends during freefall. However, he was knocked out  according to the San Diego County Medical Examiner's report released Friday.

Janway was the last to jump from the plane when it reached approximately 13,000 feet, the report states.

The second jumper told officials he was in freefall "with his face down and arms and legs extended when he felt something impact his right leg."

He recalls seeing Janway face up with arms and legs dangling at approximately 10,000 feet.

"Janway failed to deploy his parachute and impacted the ground at terminal velocity," the report concludes.

Janway, an instructor at Skydive San Diego, had more than seven years experience skydiving with 1,500 jumps under his belt.

The chip in Janway's parachute bag that is designed to automatically deploy a chute if a jumper is falling too fast was undergoing maintenance.

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