Mayor Sanders Endorses DeMaio

Despite an adversarial relationship during their time together at City Hall, San Diego's Mayor Jerry Sanders endorsed City Councilmember Carl DeMaio on Tuesday morning.

"Only one candidate knows how to work with the private sector to improve the region's economy," Sanders told reporters Tuesday of DeMaio.

Sanders, a Republican, endorsed San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis heading into the June primary and revealed his second choice was Nathan Fletcher.

However, locals voted to pare down the field to DeMaio and U.S. Rep. Bob Filner, a Democrat.

“Without hesitation," Sanders said in a statement before the announcement, "I can say he is prepared on day one to ensure San Diego is financially strong and that he has the experience to lead our city.”

The news struck politicos as odd given the rocky relationship between Sanders and DeMaio. 

When DeMaio claimed Sanders and the City misspends $130M a year in his 2012 Taxpayer Watchdog Report, Sanders' staff countered: "Carl DeMaio is trying to get himself elected mayor by making wild-eyed exaggerations and assuming the public is too gullible to see through his act ..."

In May, Sanders, who had grown irritated over campaign claims made by DeMaio, was asked about the candidate's claim of having been instrumental in financial reforms that created $155 million worth of budget savings

"Carl takes credit for putting me -- he probably takes credit for my weight loss," Sanders said, referring to his recent loss of nearly 100 pounds. "Probably takes credit for the weeds I pulled in the back yard last week. It's all bull****!"

However Sanders said he couldn't sit back and not consider the future of the city. He said DeMaio is "prepared on day one to ensure San Diego is financially strong and that he has the experience to lead our city."

Tuesday's announcement was just another odd chapter in an already bizarre mayoral race.

In early September, Filner tried to connect DeMaio with damage done by vandals at the Balboa Park's Lily Pond.

Then, at a mayoral debate focused on transportation, Filner challenged his opponent to a bicycle race with the winner earning the mayor's seat. 

In May, DeMaio accused his detractors of harassing him via the cell phone number he freely gives out to constituents.

Two months earlier, DeMaio denied allegations that he strong-armed a candidate out of running for City Council.

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