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Scripps Ranch Park to Close After Rogue Truck Tears Up Field



    Scripps Ranch Park to Close After Truck Damages Field

    Jerabek Park's field was damaged after a truck appeared to spin in circles on it. NBC 7's Erika Cervantes has more. (Published Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018)

    A Scripps Ranch park will close following $8,000 worth of damage done by a rogue truck over the weekend, according to the San Diego Police Department.

    The truck drove through Jerabek Park, destroying a section of its field and damaging its sprinkler system, said the City of San Diego.

    The grass will have to be ripped out and replanted, said the Scripps Ranch Civic Association(SRCA).

    “What a shame that somebody's disregard for property and others has an impact, a tremendous impact, on the community,” said resident Tom Massey.

    The ground was already soft from past rainfall, resulting in even worse damages from the truck.

    SRCA said the incident happened late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

    “It's awful, just because someone wanted to have fun and spin their car around, thousands of kids can't play on these fields,” said Erica Heitstuman, another resident.

    There were no security cameras in the area, but SRCA still hopes to find who is responsible.

    “That's terrible; whoever did this should be brought to justice and punished,” said resident Abel Svitavsay.

    The community group is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that would lead to an arrest in this situation. People are asked to contact SRCA.

    SRCA said Jerabek Park will be closed for “an unknown length of time” for the repairs.