“Jen the Archer” Defends Hunting, Teaching Practices

A North County woman who teaches children how to hunt wild game is the target of online threats and a petition to get her stop.

The petition launched Sunday calls for the state to put an end to hunting in California and stop the woman known as “Jen the Archer” from teaching kids to hunt animals.

The Change.org petition posted Sunday group, claims the outdoor enthusiast "brainwashes children into believing that murdering animals is a positive activity."

Jen Cordaro admits the petition and the online threats that have accompanied it are a little intimidating.

“It’s a little scary to have people tell me that they’re going to come and find me and murder me with the same weapon I murdered an animal with,” Cordaro said. “I don’t consider it murder,” she added.

The former vegetarian started hunting with bow and arrow more than a year ago as a resource for locally-grown hormone-free meat.

“Acquiring my own meat and fish seemed to make sense,” Cordaro explained adding that she gardens, cans and other urban homesteading practices.

However, the petition posted to Change.org on Sunday, Jan. 25, used her hunting trips as a reason for the state of California to end hunting. More specifically, for a ban on youth hunting. 

Cordaro said she follows the law including limits when it comes to the number of animals she can kill in a hunt.

“I’m doing everything within the law,” Cordaro said.

What worries her is the fury aimed at her #bringAkidCampaign, bringing children out and teaching them hunting skills.

Mackenzie Caldwell, 12, was one of those kids, her mother Shannon told NBC 7. The Oregon girl traveled to California take part in a hunting trip with Cordaro.

“She wants to be able to know that where her food is coming from and that it’s not processed, it’s all natural,” Shannon Caldwell said.

The petition includes language and statistics used by the San Rafael-based organization In Defense of Animals (IDAUSA). However, an organization spokesperson told NBC 7 they had no involvement in the petition. 

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