Football Fan Killed Jaywalking

A 33-year-old woman killed while crossing a street after the Chargers game Sunday was from Chula Vista.

Monica "Janette" Azero was hit by a car on Hazard Center Drive in Mission Valley. She was crossing the street against traffic with her fiance, police said Monday. 

Azero, who was wearing a Chargers jersey at the time of the accident, died at the hospital.

On her Facebook page, friends and family are leaving messages saying how much they loved her and will miss her.

"When she smiled and her eyes lit up, that was the way it was,"said Rudy Ordona about his son's fiance.  His son Rolfe was also struck by the car, and suffered a concussion and lacerated liver.  Ordona said his son is recovering at Scripps Memorial Hospital in Hillcrest.

Azero was a popular nurse at Paradise Valley Hospital in National City.  Co-workers said she was a head nurse in the emergency room. 

"I always felt good when she was taking care of my patients because I knew they would get the best care,"said Dr. Gary Polsfuss.

Chargers fans, packed on a trolley after the victory over against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium, witnessed the accident.

The trolley had just dropped off a big group of fans near the Hazard Center shopping mall when Azero and Ordona crossed the street against the light and in the middle of the road, instead of using a crosswalk, according to San Diego police.

A 22-year old driver was not speeding and could not avoid the couple, according to police.

According to investigators, the pair of jaywalkers weren't alone. "There was a pack of about 15 that started to cross the street against the light in the middle of the block here and the two, the young lady and the man, were in the lead of the pack and they were the ones that were struck by the vehicle," said Sgt. Jim Reschke with San Diego police.

Ordona said when his son found out Azero had died he was in disbelief. 

"He's got pictures of her on his cellphone and he keeps looking at her," he said.

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