Jason Mraz to the Rescue

The lead singer of the San Diego rock band "Unwritten Law" gets some help picking up the pieces from friend and musician Jason Mraz.

Scott Russo's Rancho Penasquitos home burned down Friday. The site where his band shot the music video "Teenage Suicide" was also Russo's childhood home and the home where he's raising his own kids.  The family didn't have fire insurance.

The House of Blues held a benefit concert Tuesday night to help the Russo family rebuild. Friends, family and music fans turned out to support Russo and see Unwritten Law and Jason Mraz perform.  The concert was sold out.

"We are out here to support our friend Scott and his family and to check out the show," concertgoer Pete Ridge said.  "It's great because the music community in San Diego has always come together like this."

Concertgoer Danny Bourgeous couldn't agree more.

"To help artists out, absolutely.  Not a lot of people know that not a lot of musicians have any money.  Everyone thinks it's all the glory, but it's really not," she said. 

Russo said the fire started in his 15-year-old daughter's upstairs bedroom when she accidentally put a hat on a lamp. "I grabbed a fire extinguisher from another room, but it didn't work," he said.

Russo's three children, wife and mother barely escaped the flames. The family lost several pets including a dog and two snakes. Russo's gold record, music recordings and his first guitar were also destroyed. 

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