‘Jane Doe' in Arevalos Case Speaks Out

The victim entered a convenience store bathroom with the uniformed officer as part of a deal to avoid a citation. What happened next is contested.

The woman known as victim "Jane Doe" in the sexual assault case against former San Diego Police Officer Anthony Arevalos is sharing her thoughts on the new police chief and the possibility of Arevalos being released from prison early.

Jane Doe told NBC 7 she was shocked to hear that even before Chief William Lansdowne leaves the department, Mayor-elect Kevin Faulconer has decided to promote Assistant Chief Shelley Zimmerman to chief.

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Jane Doe spoke on the promise NBC 7 would not reveal her identity.

Arevalos was convicted in 2011 of sexual battery by restraint, bribery and assault and battery by police involving five women.

Jane Doe's testimony led to his conviction and sentence of nearly nine years in prison.

Part of her federal lawsuit against the city demands an outside monitor of the San Diego police procedures and policies.

She says the new chief should not come from inside the department.

“At this point, I don't think it matters that she is female or male. There is so much that needs to be fixed in that police department. I don't think it is going to be fixed unless a third party independent come in,” Jane Doe said.

On Tuesday, a Superior Court judge overturned convictions on two counts against Arevalos because investigators failed to turn over Jane Doe's written statement.

Jane Doe said she feels that first the police failed to protect her and now the justice system has failed her too.

“It's just so unfathomable for me that such and injustice could occur,” she said.

When asked about the prospect of Arevalos being released early, she said, "I want to move. I don't want to stay in the city."

On March 8, 2011, the victim was stopped for a traffic violation by then Officer Arevalos. In an East Village 7-Eleven bathroom, she surrendered her panties and testified she was sexually assaulted.

Timeline: Anthony Arevalos Case

So ashamed, she said she omitted being touched in her written statement, even though she mentioned it twice in police interviews.

“To have those notes come back and be used against me and to make it look like I did something wrong?" Jane Doe said. "It was the police department."

Jane Doe said time has not healed her wounds, especially with more sexual misconduct allegations against other officers.

“After everything that I have been through, everything that has changed in my life, the police department is still allowing this to happen,” she said.

This victim is the last of five women to file claims against the city and police department over Arevalos' actions.

Jane Doe's civil suit is scheduled for trial in federal court May 20.

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