Kidnap Suspect Shot at Least 5 Times: Report

James Lee DiMaggio, 40, was shot and killed by the FBI on Saturday in Idaho backcountry

James Lee DiMaggio, the man accused of kidnapping San Diego teen Hannah Anderson and taking her into the Idaho wilderness, was shot “at least five times” by authorities, according to a report from NBC News.

NBC News has confirmed with the coroner in Boise, Idaho, that DiMaggio’s preliminary cause of death is listed as “multiple gunshot wounds.” He was shot at least five times in the head and chest, the coroner said.

A DiMaggio family friend told NBC News his body had been cremated.

DiMaggio was killed in by an FBI search team Saturday in the Idaho backcountry near Morehead Lake.

Three U.S. Marshals flying a plane above the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness spotted a tent in the area Saturday believed to be a campsite occupied by DiMaggio and Hannah, the subject of an Amber Alert spanning six states.

They called in an FBI Hostage Rescue Team to move in on the campsite. The tactical team was dropped in from a distance to avoid alerting DiMaggio and hiked two hours in steep terrain to reach the pair.

Officials said they honed in on DiMaggio after he and Hannah had separated at a safe distance.

On Monday, San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore said agents reported DiMaggio was armed with a shoulder weapon and fired at least one shot. At that time, officials did not disclose how many times, exactly, DiMaggio had been shot.

DiMaggio was killed at the scene and Hannah was rescued by the FBI.

TIMELINE: The Search for Hannah Anderson

DiMaggio is suspected of killing Hannah’s mother, Christina Anderson, 44, and brother, Ethan Anderson, 8, before fleeing San Diego with Hannah.

The bodies of Christina and Ethan were found inside DiMaggio’s property in the community of Boulevard near San Diego on Aug. 4. The property was burned to the ground and the charred remains were found inside. Ethan’s body was so badly burned, officials were unable to immediately identify the boy, and initially feared that he too had been kidnapped by DiMaggio.

The frantic search for DiMaggio and Hannah ultimately led officials to the Idaho backcountry after a group of horseback riders reported seeing the pair near Morehead Lake on Aug. 7.

DiMaggio’s car was discovered in the area on Friday, covered in dense brush in an attempt to presumably conceal the vehicle.

One day later, in a search that included more than 200 federal, state and local law enforcement officials, the FBI search team found Hannah and DiMaggio just a few miles from where the pair was spotted by the horseback riders.

Sheriff Gore has since said Hannah was held against her will by DiMaggio, and was the victim of a “horrific” crime.

Hannah has returned home to San Diego where the teen took to social media to answer questions about her kidnapping and survival on the website Her profile page has since been taken down.

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