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In Playhouse's “Wild Goose Dreams,” a Tale of Human Connection in the Digital Age

The timing of the play -- amid escalating tensions with North Korea -- makes it more relevant than ever

Human connection and love are at the root of an innovative new La Jolla Playhouse piece starring actor James Kyson. 

Kyson, best known for his work in NBC's "Heroes" and "Hawaii Five-O," stars in "Wild Goose Dreams," a new play written by Hansol Jung and directed by Tony nominee Leigh Silverman. 

The play follows the journey of South Korean "goose father" Minsung (James Kyosn) as he supports his wife and daughter overseas. "Wild Goose Dreams" is a co-production with The Public Theater in New York City. 

His loneliness takes him online, where he meets a North Korean defector, played by Yunjin Kim ("Lost," "Mistresses") trying to find the father she left behind. 

The timing of the play -- amid escalating tensions with North Korea -- makes it more relevant than ever. 

Kyson hopes San Diegans coming to see the show will come out with a new perspective. 

"I think this will be a great opportunity for especially the San Diego community to really experience an untraditional love story and a side of this culture in a way that they never would, especially compared to the noise they hear from the media and the news," he said. "It'll be a different aspect of the Korean culture that they will experience."

Central to the play, Kyson said, is a story about connectivity in the digital age. The play, set to music, has a modern day Greek chorus that represents the internet and the digital matrix.

"We're using a very human way to represent all the non-human elements we live amongst so much in today's society," he said.

In addition, Kyson's character and Kim's character are represented on stage side-by-side with their avatars at parts in the play. 

One of Kyson's favorite moments in the show comes out of the digital matrix the show creates.

The moment comes when the two leads first truly connect. 

"Without giving too much away, the power of sight is taken away, and it takes away our inhibitions, and we really just connect emotionally and that sort of starts our journey in terms of, oh we're the same people and we're looking for the same things," Kyson explained.

The play may be specific in its location and with its characters, Kyson said, but the themes are universal. 

"In today's age, in a world that seems the most connected during the history of our time, we feel the most disconnected and lonely," Kyson said. "Everyone is really searching for an authentic connection and a sense of community and family, and the theme of family has been so redefined."

"Wild Goose Dreams" runs at the La Jolla Playhouse from Sept. 5 to Oct. 1. To purchase tickets, click here or call (858) 550-1010. 

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