Search Warrants: Explosives, Tent, Map Found at James DiMaggio's Property

James Lee DiMaggio, 40, is accused of kidnapping Hannah Anderson, 16, after killing her mother and brother

Search warrant documents obtained Thursday by NBC 7 San Diego reveal that explosive devices, a map of Yosemite and assault weapon-style ammunition were among the items investigators found at the burned-out property of kidnap and murder suspect James Lee DiMaggio, 40.

According to the court documents, investigators searching DiMaggio’s property in the community of Boulevard near San Diego also discovered camping equipment, a gas can and a handwritten note.

Items were also removed from inside the burned-out vehicle belonging to DiMaggio's longtime friend, Christina Anderson, whose remains were found inside DiMaggio's burned-out property.

Arson wire, two boxes with red stains on them, a tarp and a map of Yosemite were also seized during the search – the latter being a possible clue as to where DiMaggio intended to take 16-year-old Hannah Anderson.

The searches also turned up a handcuff box, a red dog leash and a swatch of hair among the remaining rubble of DiMaggio's property. Also, military assault weapon-style ammunition was recovered.

There could, of course, be an innocent explanation for all those items, and the court documents do not specifically connect any of those objects to Dimaggio's crimes.

In the application for the search warrant, the law enforcement officer told the judge he was specifically looking for objects and weapons that can inflict blunt force trauma.

Other search warrants unsealed on Wednesday revealed that a crowbar was found near Christina Anderson's head. Investigators were likely searching for more evidence of this kind in the rubble of DiMaggio's home and garage.

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DiMaggio’s log cabin-style home was found burnt to the ground on Aug. 4 – the same day Hannah went missing.

The charred bodies of Hannah’s mother and brother – Christina Anderson, 44, and Ethan Anderson, 8 – were found inside DiMaggio’s scorched property, as well as the body of the Anderson family’s dog.

Other search warrants unsealed Wednesday revealed investigators believed DiMaggio had “tortured and killed” Christina and Ethan, and then burned down his house.

Investigators suspected DiMaggio had then abducted Hannah and believed the teen was in “grave danger and being held against her will by DiMaggio.”

TIMELINE: The Search for Hannah Anderson

DiMaggio fled San Diego with Hannah, and they became the subject of an Amber Alert spanning six states.

Ultimately, in a search led by more than 200 federal, state and local law enforcement, the pair was found by an FBI tactical team in the Idaho backcountry near Morehead Lake on Aug. 10.

Hannah was rescued by agents at the scene.

DiMaggio was shot at least five times by authorities, the Idaho coroner said.

Officials say DiMaggio fired at least one shot himself from his own weapon during the confrontation in the wilderness, though further details have not yet been released pending the ongoing investigation.

Hannah has since reunited with her family and returned home to San Diego.

Ed. note: NBC 7 News initially reported on a DNA test kit listed among the evidence removed from Christina Anderson's vehicle on the search warrant documents. A sheriff's department spokesperson clarified the contents of the list explaining the DNA test kit was used by investigators and not found in the vehicle.

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