Baby Born at Petco Park Reunites With Nurse, EMT at Ballpark

San Diego resident Jaime Stiles gave birth to her baby boy, Levi, at Petco Park on Sept. 24 during the Padres vs. Giants game

A baby boy born last week at San Diego’s Petco Park headed back to the ballpark Tuesday night – this time so he and his parents could reunite with the nurse and an EMT who helped their family.

Holding 5-day-old baby Levi in her arms, mother Jaime Stiles was reunited with Petco Park’s on-staff nurse and midwife, Donna Borowy, and EMT Anthony Moore before the Padres vs. Brewers game.

Her husband, Steven, was also there and the group was all smiles as San Diego Padres cameras filmed the sweet reunion.

“Congratulations!” Borowy said to the family.

The proud parents gave heartfelt hugs to Borowy and Moore as little Levi slept on his mom. Both Borowy and Moore gazed lovingly at Levi, happy to see healthy newborn.

“He’s the guy that took care of you,” Borowy said to Levi, gesturing towards Moore.

Jaime gave birth to her 6-pound, 14-ounce baby boy on Sept. 24 on a bench at the ballpark’s Palm Plaza around the third inning of the Padres vs. Giants game.

When security guards saw the mother going into labor, they called on Borowy to help until paramedics arrived. The delivery happened very quickly, Jaime said, and both mom and baby were healthy following the ballpark birth.

Petco Park said Levi was the first-ever baby to be born at the stadium. News of his birth was announced over the loudspeaker during the game that night to the sounds of excited fans cheering in the stands.

From her hospital room the following day, Jaime told NBC 7 she never expected to have her baby at a baseball game and called the experience “surreal.”

“It happened so fast I didn’t really have time to think about it. It was seriously from zero to 60 in like 30 minutes,” she said. “I was in total shock. It was the craziest thing that I could’ve ever imagined. There it was, me having a baby at Petco Park.”

Jaime said she had felt some contractions earlier in the day but thought her labor would progress very slowly, as it did when she had her first son, Grayson.

She and her mother decided to go to the baseball game as a “distraction” but before they could even get to their seats, Jaime realized Levi was ready to make his grand debut – ballpark or not.

Though Levi’s father missed the birth, he said his son’s birth story is pretty amazing.

“I’m sorry we missed you,” Borowy joked with Steven at their reunion.

“I know!” the dad replied with a smile.

Read more about how fans reacted to Levi’s birth, and read Jaime’s labor and delivery story here.

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