“Jackass” Star Facing Vandalism, Trespassing Charges For SeaWorld Prank

Steve-O changed a local freeway sign to read "SeaWorld SUCKS" in May

"Jackass" star Steve-O, a wild personality well-known for his pranks, may have to pay the price for his latest shenanigans in San Diego.

The California Highway Patrol announced Thursday it has submitted charges to the District Attorney’s Office, accusing Stephen Gilchrist Glover – a.k.a. Steve-O – of vandalism and trespassing for changing a freeway sign to read “SeaWorld Sucks” in May.

Steve-O took responsibility for the prank last month, publishing a YouTube video that proves it.

“I’m putting my foot down for Shamu,” the prankster and animal rights activist says at the beginning of the video.

The clip shows him unsuccessfully using rope – and then, more successfully, a ladder – to scale the exit sign on southbound Interstate 5 in broad daylight.

Once on the platform, he taped a banner that said “SUCKS” over the word “Drive” so the sign read “SeaWorld SUCKS.”

He encouraged his fans to share the video using the hashtag #SeaWorldSucks.

CHP says when Caltrans removed the tape, it pulled off the reflective material on the sign – a reason he was charged with vandalism.

Steve-O took to Instagram to respond to the charges, posting an incriminating photo of himself by the sign, flipping off the camera.

"The California Highway Patrol has requested that the District Attorney file charges against me for helping out this sign," he said in the post. "Bring on the publicity, because #SeaWorldSucks #yeahdude #freesteveo."

Even if the DA charges him and he is convicted, Steve-O won’t be shouldering his punishment alone.

Anticipating the law enforcement action, PETA has already vowed to pay any fines levied against him as a result of this prank.

Steve-O has posed for PETA public service campaigns in the past.

His video has amassed more than 900,000 views since it was posted on Aug. 20, 2014.

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