It’s the “Maniliest Movie Ever Made”

Sly Stallone and castmates talk about "The Expendables" in Hall H

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Terry Crews called it  “a love letter to every action movie fan,” and the “manliest movie ever made.”

He’s talking about the Expendables, the new Lion’s Gate film directed, written by and starring Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone and a few of his co-stars-- Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin, Randy Couture and Crews sat in on a panel in Hall H to chat about the new film and present exclusive scenes from the movie.

Memorable moments during the session were plenty. Stallone and the cast recounted memories from the shoot, including some that weren’t so pleasant. When a question about on-set injuries was posed, Stallone shared with the crowd that Austin broke his neck while filming a fight scene.

“… Steve, thank you very much,” Stallone said. “I now have this little thing with three screws. People say, ‘Oh, go get screwed,’ I say, I already have. Three times, right here. Thank you.”

“He wanted it to look real,” Austin said.

“Not that real!” Stallone said in return.

Stallone also discussed the lengths the cast would go to make a great movie—according to Stallone, Jason Statham put himself at risk by agreeing to be filmed coming out of a trap door and standing on the nose of a plane going straight down at what Stallone described as, “200 miles an hour in a plane that hasn’t flown in years.”

“I can’t insure you either,” Stallone told Statham.

There were also a few surprises for the crowd: Bruce Willis appeared for a moment to say hello to the and to publicly thank Stallone for including he, Stallone and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in a movie scene together.

The crowd also bared witness to the announcement of a new world record. 

According to Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of the Guinness Book World of Records, Rocky is now the most successful sports franchise in Cinema History. Stallone and Lundgren were given awards to commemorate the feat.  At the end of the panel, the crowd was treated to a scene from the movie.

The Expendables” will be released on August 13, 2010.          

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