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‘It's Not A Big Deal': Chula Vista Residents React to Mask Indoors

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As the U.S. is once again faced with a surge of new COVID-19 cases health officials are recommending Americans to mask up again. 

“We’re in a transitional phase now and we need to throw a wet blanket on all this before it gets us all back at home waiting for it to go away,” said Robert Schooley, professor of medicine at UCSD.

On Tuesday, San Diego County issued guidance on the topic, and on Wednesday, the City of Chula Vista followed

NBC 7's Dave Summers went down to Chula Vista to check the temperature on the city's latest mask recommendation.

Through a statement, they asked residents to wear a mask while indoors at public places.

“It’s not a big deal,” said Paulette Martinez, Chula Vista resident. “You just wear them.”

Martinez knows first hand the effects of COVID-19. She contracted the virus back in January.

“I am scared,” Martinez said. “I am scared of getting it. I got COVID and then I got vaccinated and I’m scared of possibly getting it again.”

If county health officials determine masks should be required she says she wouldn’t think twice before wearing them. Aurelio Esparza, also a resident of Chula Vista shares the feeling.

“I’m willing to do my part and wear the mask if it's going to help other people who aren't vaccinated not have complications that come with it,” Esparza said.

He says after a year of wearing the facial covering, a few more weeks of it doesn't pose a problem to him. Plus, he already wears it regularly.

“I wear it to work every day, my kids wear it at school every day,” said Esparza who is a teacher in Chula Vista.

In California, masks are required for all students and staff while indoors. 

For now, outside of school, at least in San Diego County, it remains a recommendation. 

But it is a strong one says Schooley:

“This is a tragic time where we have a lot of viral activity and we need to beat it down. There are two ways to do it: getting vaccinated and wearing a mask.”

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