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‘He Didn't Deserve This': Sisters Mourn Death of Brother Killed in I-15 Crash

Isaac Felix, 19, was one of two victims killed in a fiery crash on Jan. 3 along I-15 near Miramar Road caused by DUI suspect Jeffrey Levi, 37

The sisters of a young man killed in a fiery, suspected DUI crash along Interstate 15 in San Diego said their brother was a vibrant, happy person who “didn’t deserve” such a brutal, untimely death.

“My brother didn’t deserve this. He was a good individual,” Selena Felix said, holding tears back as she spoke of her brother, Isaac Felix, 19. “[He] never hurt anybody; he never did drugs; he never did alcohol. He was happy.”

On Wednesday, just after midnight, the California Highway Patrol said DUI suspect Jeffrey Levi was driving northbound on I-15 at Miramar Road at 100 mph when he rear-ended a Toyota carrying siblings Jesus David Dominguez, 33, and Jiovanna Dominguez,18, and Jiovanna Dominguez’s boyfriend, Isaac Felix.

The Toyota, unable to move, stayed in the middle of the lanes on the freeway. Soon, an off-duty San Diego Police Department (SDPD) officer on his way home from work in an unmarked SUV, crashed into the Toyota. The elapsed time between the two collisions impacting the Toyota is still under investigation.

The Toyota began to smoke and several Good Samaritans pulled over to help the victims inside. Good Samaritans Jose Aguilera and Todd Holdren, among others, were able to pull Jiovanna Dominguez from the wreckage to safety.

Moments later, the car burst into flames. Jesus David Dominguez and Isaac Felix were killed.

Isaac Felix was a resident of Riverside.

His sisters – Selena Felix, Denise Felix and Karina Felix – spoke to reporters in San Diego Friday after attending Levi’s arraignment where he was charged with two counts of murder, two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, DUI and hit-and-run in connection with the deadly crash.

Selena Felix said it was difficult to be in the same room as the man accused of causing the deadly crash.

"I felt anger towards him, obviously," she said. "He, as well as the second [driver] are at fault for what happened and my brother and Jiovanna's brother deserve justice."

Isaac Felix’s sisters told NBC 7 their brother was working as a cashier at a pizza restaurant but had big aspirations to one day become an architect. He was planning on starting school soon.

“He was young, full of life,” Selena Felix added. “He could put a smile on your face.”

The sisters said their family is still recovering from their father’s death a year ago. Isaac Felix had become the head of the family – the protector of his sisters and mother.

“He was always the strong one – he kept us all together, and now we’re here without him,” Selena Felix said.

The sisters said their mother, who was not in court Friday, is devastated by the death of her son – her youngest child.

“He’s her baby,” Denise Felix added.

The Felix sisters said they planned to be there for the Dominguez family as they grieve the loss of Jesus David Dominguez. They were headed to visit Jiovanna Dominguez in the hospital Friday afternoon.

“We know how much she meant to my brother. And she means a lot to us,” Selena Felix said.

Denise Felix said their family, at this point, wants justice for Isaac Felix. They will stand united.

“He’s my brother. We want justice. This happened to our family – we don’t want this to happen to anybody else. He didn’t deserve this, at all,” she added.

Jiovanna Dominguez suffered extensive injuries in the crash but is expected to recover. On Friday, a Dominguez family spokesperson told NBC 7 that Jiovanna Dominguez is experiencing extreme bouts of shock as she learns that her brother and boyfriend are gone.

The SDPD officer involved in the crash suffered moderate injuries and was also hospitalized. His name has not been released by officials. His role in the second part of the crash remains under investigation.

As for Levi, he crashed his red Ford Mustang into a nearby ditch on I-15 following the collision and fled. He was found about 15 minutes later walking in the area of the crash by an SDPD helicopter and was taken into custody.

At Levi's arraignment, San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Cally Bright said the suspect's blood alcohol content (BAC) was measured at .167 approximately three hours after the crash -- more than double the legal limit for driving under the influence.

Levi pleaded not guilty to all charges. A judge ordered he be held in jail on a bail of $2 million. Court records obtained by NBC 7 this week show Levi has a prior conviction tied to drunk driving and a history of alleged violence.

Meanwhile, Jesus David Dominguez leaves behind two young children and his wife, Samantha Munoz. An online fundraising page has been created to help the family of the victims killed and hurt in this crash. To donate, click here.

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