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Is This Your Boat?: Naval Base Coronado Searches for Owners of Washed-Up Boats

Photos were released of several boats washed up on Naval Base Coronado beaches from a winter storm earlier this month. The Navy wants owners to pick them up.

Are you missing a boat? It may have washed ashore during a powerful winter storm earlier this month, and the Navy is asking you to retrieve it.

Several boats are still scattered about Naval Base Coronado beaches, two weeks after a winter storm that brought gusty winds, choppy waters and heavy rainfall to San Diego County on January 8 and 9, Naval Base Coronado spokesperson Sandy Duchac said.

“We have a number of boats that are still washed up on our beach and we are trying to find the owners so they can come remove their boats,” Duchac said.

The boats have become a hazard to beach patrons and military training. According to the Navy, if the boats are not moved by mid-February they could threaten the safety of some endangered species.

“It is IMPERATIVE that these boats are removed by the owners before nesting season begins on February 15 for the threatened and endangered species dependent on our beaches for survival,” Duchac said.

Photos were released of the boats along Coronado beaches. The Navy asks anyone who recognizes a boat that belongs to them to call (619) 545-7418.

Duchac said if owners do not remove their own property from the beaches, it costs the city's taxpayers. 

When the owners do not take responsibility for removing their property from (Naval Base Coronado's) beaches, taxpayer money must be used to safely remove the vessel and resulting debris, which directly impacts the base's ability to meet our mission of supporting and training America's heroes," Duchac said.

A powerful winter storm moved into San Diego on January 8 and dumped large amounts of rain across San Diego County before noon the next day. Businesses in Mission Beach experienced flooding, a mudslide partially blocked Mussey Grade Road in Ramona, and water forced its way into homes in Encinitas.

The storm also brought gusty winds that toppled National City’s historic “Bay” sign and a high surf advisory at San Diego County beaches as winds created strong rip currents and dangerous swimming conditions.

The storm forced SeaWorld San Diego to shut down for the day.

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