Is This the Stupidest Crook in the County?

Police in North County say this man left behind incriminating evidence during a bank job last month.

Meet Max Antonio Ventura of Oceanside. Investigators said Ventura sauntered into a Citi Bank in the 4100 block of Oceanside Boulevard on Feb. 2 and used a note to demand cash from a teller.

After the robber fled the bank, detectives examined the note that was left behind. Oceanside cops noticed a name written on the paper. Police said they tracked down a person of that name, and that person fingered our buddy Max, who was picked up Tuesday by detectives at his job in Carlsbad.

The 40-year-old Ventura is now getting familiar with the inside of the sheriff's detention facility in Vista. he faces one count each of robbery and commercial burglary.

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