Shop Offers Craft Beer Cookie for Dad

The Cravory in Point Loma has whipped up "The IPA" cookie to celebrate Father's Day

A San Diego-based gourmet cookie shop is whipping up a sweet idea for Father’s Day: a cookie made with craft beer from a well-known local brewery.

This month, The Cravory bakery in Point Loma is offering “The IPA,” a cookie made with Ballast Point’s Dorado Double IPA, plus orange zest and caramel bits.

The bakery says the beer is folded into the dough to give the cookie a bite dad won’t soon forget. The bakery describes the treat as having “just the right amount of beer and citrus to make you pucker.”

The IPA is available all month long via The Cravory’s website or at the storefront at 3960 W. Point Loma Blvd. A dozen of these cookies cost $24.

Meanwhile, if your pops prefers a little variety, The Cravory is also offering a special “Dad’s Dozen” (also $24) which includes two IPA cookies, two Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cup cookies, two German Chocolate Cake cookies, two Almond Joyous cookies, two Cookies and Cream Milkshake cookies, one Pancakes and Bacon cookie and one Ultimate Chocolate Chip cookie.

The gourmet cookie shop specializes in 11 signature flavors – including the Pancakes and Bacon treat and the Rosemary Balsamic cookie – plus six special flavors every month. In the past, The Cravory has created concoctions inspired by Comic-Con and other events.

The unique creations have garnered the shop a cult following among sweet-toothed San Diegans.

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