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Investigation Underway After Alfred Angelo Bridal Shop Filed Bankruptcy

"I've come to realize the dress or dresses are not what's important. It's my marriage to my fiance and that's the best part," said Jones

An investigation is underway after the Alfred Angelo bridal company filed for bankruptcy, leaving many brides without their dream dresses.

According to an attorney for the company, there will be a comprehensive investigation to determine what transpired at the Florida-based company before the bankruptcy was filed.

Currently, the investigation is not considered a criminal case.

Many brides who purchased their gowns from the bridal shop are still not certain they will ever get their money back.

One local bride, Julie Jones, bought her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses back in June. She still hasn't heard back from the attorneys for Alfred Angelo.

At the time, she went into Alfred Angelo Bridal looking for a dress and walked out believing she found her dream dress.

"I just looked in the mirror and said, this is it. This is absolutely it," said Jones. "It had enough bling, not too much bling. It was form fitting but not too form fitting."

Shortly after that visit, a staff member from the shop contacted her and said the bridesmaids should come in to get their dresses because the shop wouldn't be doing any special orders anymore.

"I asked the question, are you guys going out of business? Should I be worried?" said Jones. "Oh no, everything's fine, everything's fine. Okay -- still had that feeling -- it's not okay."

Just a month after she bought the dress, the company filed for bankruptcy without contacting Jones at all.  

Now, she is moving on without that dress.

"There's a reason everything happens, so I'm okay with it now. I've come to terms," said Jones, laughing with relief.

She has been credited back the money she paid through her credit card company, but is still in the process of filing a bankruptcy claim against the company. Despite all her stress, she is looking for a silver lining in the situation.

"I've come to realize the dress or dresses are not what's important. It's my marriage to my fiance and that's the best part. That's what I'm looking forward to now and I'm just going to start over," said Jones.

An attorney for the company said he is trying to get as many dresses to customers as possible.

Jones plans to look for another wedding dress soon, with a complete change in her color scheme for the wedding.

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