Insuring Your Belongings

NBC 7 Responds speaks to an insurance expert on the benefits of renters insurance

It could be a leaky pipe that turns into a foot of water in your apartment, a small kitchen fire that spreads, or a burglary; there are many reasons why renters should consider buying renters insurance.

“Homeowners insurance covers what the property owners own, which is the house. What they don’t own is your stuff inside their house,” says Carlsbad-based insurance agent, Walt Waggener.

Waggener stresses the importance for renters to get renters insurance, or, if nothing else, to consider it.

“Fortunately, rates are much more affordable for renters insurance,” adds Waggener. “Most of that is due to the fact that the insurance doesn’t have to cover the building.”

NBC 7 Responds found most policies cost anywhere from $10 to $30 a month. The insurance covers everything from clothes, dishware, jewelry, records, and any other valuables.

Renters also have the option of only insuring certain items as a way to save money.

More often than not, people don’t think about replacing their items until after the fact.

Says Waggener, “It comes in pretty handy for all those things you own that you don’t think about until there’s a fire, and then you have to go pay for them without insurance.”

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